Laboratory Tests

The laboratory tests normally carried out on soil samples are classification tests, compaction tests, strength tests and chemical test.

The classification tests are such as :-

1) Moisture Content

Electronic Weighing Scale

Thermostatic Drying Oven
2) Atterberg Limit which consists of Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit and the calculation of plasticity index.

Casagrande and Cone Penetrometer Atterberg Limit Apparatus
with Linear Shrinkage Moulds
3) Linear Shrinkage is used to obtain the shrinkage value of cohesive soil.

4) Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity Equipments
5) Particle Size Distribution for coarse - grained soils

PSD Coarse - Sieve Shaker
6) Particle Size Distribution for fine - grained soils

PSD Fine - Hydrometer Cylinders & Bulb
For compaction tests, soil samples are compacted in specific moulds.

Proctor Compaction Test Equipments
To obtain undisturbed samples from the sampling tube, an extruder is used.

Hydraulic Undisturbed Sample Extruder
For soil strength test, the normal tests carried out are :

1) Unconfined Compressive Tests;

2) Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression Tests

Triaxial Machine for UCS and UU
3) Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Compression Test (CIU)

CIU - Control Panel, Triaxial Machine & Data Logger
4) One-Dimensional Consolidation Test

CIU - Control Panel, Triaxial Machine & Data Logger
5) Shear Box Test - can be direct shear, multi reversal shear

Shear Box Machine
The normally carried out chemical test are

1) Organic Matter Content
2) Total Sulphate Content
3) Sulphate Content of Ground Water
4) pH Value

The tests that can be carried out on rock core samples are Unconfined Compressive Strength Test, Poisson's Ratio, Young's Modulus and Point Load Test.